Weddings are blissful celebrations for a bride and groom as they stand before their loved ones and pledge promises of love and devotion. So it’s not any wonder that often times, their first portraits as man and wife reflect a companionship and affection like that of only the two of them could share. But on a rare occasion I do come across a bride or groom that already has the honeymoon on their mind and that often makes for a super fun and sexy photoshoot. I love these moments because I get to step out of the traditional wedding portraits and photograph more than just the companionship aspect of marriage. So when I get requests for something a little “naughty” I am more than happy to oblige with a few small techniques that make for a great saucy wedding portrait!

Less is more: When it comes to sexy wedding day portraits, less is definitely more. Showing just a little skin can be what separates sexy from trashy and keeps your mother in law from fainting of embarrassment. As much as I love a full fledged boudoir session, your wedding day portraits should have a little more modesty than mature content. We can say so much more about the passion behind your wedding day portraits by leaving some of the details to the imagination.

Make it comfortable: When choosing a risque pose for your wedding day, we don’t want to attempt any acrobatics or something that does not feel like it would happen naturally for the two of you. After all this day is about YOU! So anything out of character will just end up being noticeably awkward or forced. Pick a pose that really reflects the way you feel about each other or the feeling you have when you can’t seem to keep your hands to yourselves!

Don’t forget to laugh: If you are not having fun while attempting a sexified wedding pose then we must be doing something wrong! I often tell grooms to go ahead and whisper something naughty in her ear to get the cheeks blushing. But it often ends up in laughter which can be a great thing too! Laughter helps break the ice of this totally award image we are trying to create and once you are relaxed, the shoot will be all the more fun for you.