Portraits – FAQs

  1. What type of portrait sessions do you offer?
    I specialize in natural light, outdoor portrait sessions for a variety of special occasions such as engagements, maternity, birthday, holiday and more. I also provide portraits for families & couples.
  2. Do you Offer Prints/Print packages/Albums/Products?
    At this time I only offer the high resolution digital files from a session on a disk or via secure download along with all reasonable personal use and print rights to the client. This allows me to keep my pricing affordable and gives the client more options for print labs they wish to order prints and products from. This means you never have to return to me for lengthy photo selections or print orders but instead can print & share your photos at your own leisure.
  3. Where do you conduct your sessions at? Do you have a studio?
    At this time, I do not have an indoor studio for portrait sessions or any studio lighting or backdrops so the majority of my portrait sessions take place outdoors with natural lighting. There are a great deal of local free places that are ideal for portraits. Please contact me for a full list of locations or feel free to make any suggestions of your own.
  4. Do you charge a travel fee?
    I do charge a nominal travel fee of .50 per mile round trip to all sessions and events that take place outside of Chambersburg Pa. This travel fee covers my gas, time, & vehicle wear. Please feel free to contact me for a quote that includes your travel fee.
  5. When do you conduct sessions at?
    I conduct portrait sessions Sundays – Fridays during the final hours before sunset as that is when we experience the most flattering portrait lighting of the day. Saturdays are reserved for Weddings and events, however, I do contact clients by request in the event a Saturday becomes available.
  6. What is required to book my session?
    In order to hold your date for the portrait session, I require a signed contract and $25 non-refundable retainer. This retainer is for the purpose of securing a date and turning away any other possible business from elsewhere. The remaining balance is due at the start of scheduled session.
  7. How far in advance do I need to book?
    In order to secure your session date, the booking requirements must be completed. I can not guarantee dates or rates to anyone without those in place so I suggest booking as soon as you feel confident in the date you wish to secure. Please note that fall sessions are extremely popular and begin booking up as early as July/August. So if you require a weekend date, you will want to book as soon as possible. Holiday Portraits should be scheduled no later than the second weekend of December in order to receive in time for Christmas.
  8. What if I need to reschedule my session?
    In the event that you are ill or have a personal emergency/unforeseen circumstance arise in which you unable to keep your session time, you are permitted a 1 time reschedule in which the retainer fee would be credited towards the new date. Further reschedules would result in a loss of the retainer fee and a new one would have to be paid in order to secure a new date. NO CALL-NO SHOWS forfeit the retainer and the session will be canceled.
  9. What if YOU need to reschedule?
    In the event I am ill or unable to keep our session due to emergency or unforeseen circumstances, I will contact you to request a reschedule and your retainer fee will be immediately credited towards the new selected date. Additional reschedules on my part shall be addressed on a case by case basis to offset any inconvenience to the client such as offering extra images, discounted session, etc.
  10. What happens if I want to cancel my session?
    Please notify me in writing of a request to cancel the session. The retainer will be kept as liquidated damages for the date held. In the event other moneys were paid in advance, that amount would be returned to you within 30 days and the session canceled unless additional work had already been performed in order to accommodate any special requests or needs by the client for the session.
  11. What happens if you are late or unable to fulfill part of the session?
    In any circumstances in which I am late or only able to fulfill part of the session, I will discuss, assess and resolve such matters on a case by case basis to offset any loss for the client. The results would depend on the situation, and how much of the agreement could not be fulfilled as contracted.
  12. What Happens if I am late to the session?
    Any Client that is late arriving to a session will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allotted for the session. Clients shall not be compensated for the time deducted from the event due to late arrival and understand and agree that late arrivals can negatively impact the ability to accomplish the variety or desired results from the session. If the client would like to extend their session in order to maintain the same amount of shooting time, the photographer may agree at their discretion, to wait on location for a maximum of 30 minutes for a late charge of $15.00. Clients who fail to arrive within 30 minutes will be billed the $15.00 Late charge plus any applicable travel fees.
  13. My Buddy/Family member is into photography…is it ok if they shadow you as a second shooter?
    I fully support a fellow lover of photography and if your loved one is trying to start a business, I have nothing but respect for them trying to get into the field and learn something. However, my portrait sessions are not a class. My photography is a reflection of my creative work. That includes the work I put into posing and props and ideas. But more importantly, it actually can be detrimental to your results. We will achieve your vision faster and more efficiently, if I have your entire focus during the session. For this reason I have a strict policy on absolutely no secondary photography or recording taking place during the session. However they are welcome to reach out to me to set up other arrangements for a time, I am not performing for a hired session.
  14. Can I have all my photos including the unedited ones?
    Part of the creative process and service of professional photography is the sorting, selecting and editing of your final images so that only the very best are delivered to you. As per industry standard, I do not ever give unedited images in the final product as that would be equivalent to a baker giving you the raw ingredients rather than the cake. Instead I only wish to deliver to you, the very best final product for printing and sharing. If you have not received an image, it is likely that it did not meet my quality standards or was a close replica to one you would be receiving.
  15. Can I have the copyrights to my photos?
    As per photography industry standard and federal copyright law, the photographer is the owner of all copyrights to the image as it is considered a creative art form like painting or writing music. However, no worries! you do not need the copyrights to enjoy your images. With your images you will receive all reasonable personal use and print rights such as printing, emailing, social media, sharing with loved ones etc. The copyright just protects the images from being sold, altered, entered into contests or used for marketing and profit without my consent. You will still be able to fully enjoy your images without ever needing a copyright.
  16. What Happens if I do not like my photos?
    Before booking please take a few moments to review my portfolio in advance as it is a representation of my brand and shooting style. This should help you determine rather my approach and body of work is fit for your needs. You will notice my portfolio does not reflect a specific style or brand as I prefer to let the clients style and stories speak to the final editing process so that your images are a reflection of you. I pride myself on working with the client for all creative in-put. However, In the unlikely event you are unhappy with the final results, I can discuss, assess and resolve such matters on a case by case basis.
  17. What is the turn around time for my images to be completed?
    The estimated completion time varies according to package. You will find your estimated completion time listed in the contract agreement of your chosen package.