Weddings – FAQs

  1. Can you please tell me more about yourself and how long you have been in the business?
    My name is Rachael and I have been doing photography for a little over 5 years now.  I am proud to say I have now serviced over 50 beautiful weddings and I have had the opportunity to grow and develop my experience, portfolio and equipment over the years. I consider myself a budget friendly photographer who can offer quality photos for an affordable price. I am located in south central PA but service weddings all over the PA, MD, NJ, DE, WV, VA, & DC area.
  2. How would you describe your “shooting style”
    I try to provide a “variety pack” approach by using different lenses, angles, perspectives, and creative ideas to reflect the look and feel of your wedding day in as many perspectives as possible.
  3. Do you charge a travel fee?
    I do charge a nominal travel fee of .50 per mile round trip to all sessions and events that take place outside of Chambersburg Pa. This travel fee covers my gas, time, childcare expenses and vehicle wear. In some cases of extended travel, I may require accommodations or other travel expenses to be provided by the client. Please contact me for a more personalized consultation on the travel to your event.
  4. What do you require in order to book my Wedding?
    In order to reserve your date for service I just require a signed contract and a $100 non-refundable retainer fee. I am proud to offer easy payment options and signing options for clients to book their date for service.
  5. How does your billing & payments work?
    I require a $100 non-refundable retainer fee to book. Once booked, the remaining balance will reflect the deducted retainer. The remaining balance must be paid on or before 14 days prior to the contracted wedding date. Clients may make payments online via credit card or bank transfer. Clients may also opt for payments via cash, check, money order or moneygram as well.
  6. My Family member is paying for photography service, so who is the client? The Bride and Groom are the designated clients for all wedding contracts and will be required to read and sign the service contract regardless of payee of said services. This policy is in place to protect the Bride and Groom as they and they alone should have the right to accept or decline service. They and they alone should determine the content they wish to be captured at their wedding and they alone should be receive their final images from the big day.
  7. What if I wish to cancel my contract?
    You may cancel your contract for ANY reason up to 14 days prior to the contracted wedding date. Cancellations that take place up to the 14 days will result in a forfeit of the $100.00 retainer but all other payments made shall be returned to the client. Cancellations that take place less than 14 days from the contracted wedding date will result in the retaining of all payments made and a billing for any remaining amount due. Client agrees due to the high probability it is unlikely to book another event under such short notice, the full balance is non-refundable and will be kept not as a penalty but as liquidated damages for a short notice cancellation.
  8. What if I wish to change or upgrade my contract?
    Clients are permitted to make changes or upgrade their contract subject to availability of course. Rachael Mizzer Photography reserves the right to refuse any drastic changes that are beyond the ability to accommodate (For ex; you decide you now are eloping to the Alaska)
  9. Can you stay longer/come earlier if I need or want you to?
    In some cases I am available to arrive earlier or stay longer for an additional hourly rate. However, this is dependent on my childcare arrangements and other commitments for the day. I can only guarantee the amount of time in our contract agreement, so I recommend booking or upgrading to the package that provides enough time in advance so that I can ensure I have the ability to commit to the desired amount of time. However in the event this situation arises on the big day, it never hurts to ask. If I am able to, I am always glad to provide additional time when I am able.
  10. What happens if my wedding is postponed?
    In the unfortunate event you have to postpone your wedding for any reason but you still wish to book me as your photographer,  you will be granted a 1 time postponement in which the retainer and any optional payments you have made will be applied to a new date. The full balance will still be due 14 days before the original contracted date and we must work together to select a new date within 24 months of the original.
  11. Do you provide an assistant or second shooter?
    My packages and pricing are for 1 photographer. I have systems in place to make sure as many details and aspects of your day are captured as physically possible and am always available to consult with feedback and recommendations on how to orchestrate the schedule of the day to be sure no key moments are missed. However, I also can provide a second shooter (subject to availability) who also will assist me for the day at an additional rate of $50 an hour for the entire duration of the contracted period.
  12. Do you provide any props?
    Props in wedding photography is a huge trend right now and I am slowly building my prop collection to suit a variety of possible themes and styles I may encounter. Please advise me of your theme or wedding colors so that I can select the right props to bring along for your portraits. If there is something specific you had in mind and I do not have it, I may find it to be a good investment to find and purchase it. If its something I do not see myself using again, I may require the client purchase it if they really wish to use it in the portraits for the day.
  13. Do you provide any additional services like videography or photobooths?
    At this time I do not currently offer videography or photoshoots with my services. They are strictly photography services. I hope to expand in the future so I can offer more options for my clients to record and remember their special day. I can, however, assist in finding recommendations for such services by request.
  14. How do I get my photos? Do you offer prints/albums?
    All packages include fully edited high-res digital images on a flash drive along with print release that gives you all reasonable personal use and print rights. I do not at this time offer prints so any print costs, quality and choices are completely at your discretion. The good news is, this means you do not have to return to me over and over for lengthy photo selections and cropping decisions. Instead you may order prints and products at your leisure.
  15. Can I get the copyrights to my photos?
    As per photography industry standard and federal copyright law, the photographer is the owner of all copyrights to the image as it is considered a creative art form like painting or writing music. However, you do not need the copyrights to enjoy your images. With your images you will receive all reasonable personal use and print rights such as printing, emailing, social media, sharing with loved ones etc. The copyright just protects the images from being sold, altered, entered into contests or used for marketing and profit without my consent. You will still be able to fully enjoy your images without ever needing a copyright.
  16. How long will it take for my photos to be completed?
    Your estimated completion time will depend on the package you select and the amount of photos in your contract as well as the amount of work needed to edit them properly. Your contract will outline an estimated completion time based on these details.
  17. What does your editing process include?
    Depending on the initial results of the raw images, coupled with the style that best reflects your wedding day, the editing process can contain any number of aspects including color/contrast enhancement, texture enhancement, brightness/darkness, sharpening, and exposure adjustments. Formal portraits and select signature images from the day may received advanced editing such as airbrushing and other enhancements. Premium editing such as teeth whitening, tattoo/tan line removals, unwanted content removal, head swaps, body modification and other special requests are available at an additional charge that would be assessed based on the nature of the request and the amount of photos to be altered.
  18. Can I have all my photos? even if they are just the unedited images?
    The average photographer shoots 3x – 5x the amount of photos needed to complete your contract for the day. So if your package contains 800 images, its most likely that I will be shooting somewhere between 2,400 or more. I do this to make sure there are plenty of options to choose from and multiple poses and takes of the groupings and portraits taken. Part of my job is to sort, select and edit only the best 800 photos out of all the ones shot. If you did not receive a photo, its most likely because it did not meet professional standards or its such an exact replica of one I am already providing that there would be no point in delivering it. I do not squirrel away amazing photos from clients. They always get what I deem to be of the best quality from the overall results I have. For this same reason, I do not ever deliver unedited images. My contract outlines that I reserve the right to only release photos I deem professional in quality. This allows me to continue to only present the very best and most significant photos of the day for your to cherish.
  19. Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like taken?
    Yes! Bring on the pinterest, the ideas the suggestions. This is your day and if its something I can accomplish, then I will do my very best. I also make a point of going over a photo check list which covers a lot of the key shots captured for the formal portraits and I use that check list to create a system that will move the session along as quickly and efficiently as possible starting with elderly and children first if at all possible. Moving on to immediate family, then bridal party and Bride and Groom portraits last. I am always open to further requests and ideas and I love to hear what you want for your photos!
  20. My buddy/family member is also a photographer, is it ok if they shadow you for the day and/or take photos as well?
    In order to provide you with the very best service possible, I must ask that there is no secondary professional photography taking place. I define professional as anyone with the intent or ability to use the photographs for their own photography or business promotion. While I would never want to stifle the passion of a fellow photographer, your wedding day is not the best venue for this. I would encourage loved ones to attend planning to be fully present and celebrate this amazing occasion with you. And during the ceremony and reception they can snap away to their hearts content so long as they are not interfering with the job you have hired me to do. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  21. What Happens if you are sick? Do you have a back up photographer to cover for you?
    In the event I am ill to the point of not being able to service your wedding or a serious emergency arises, two things are going to happen. #1 If I am able, I am going to assist you in finding a replacement photographer who has a similar style and pricing to mine. I am a member of a local photography club and therefore have connections to reach out to hundreds of photographers who could possibly take on the job in my place. #2 I will refund in full within 30 days. Unfortunately I am a small business and do not employ another photographer at my disposal nor can I guarantee a replacement photographer to you. I can only guarantee my absolute best in assisting you in finding one but shall have no further liability to the agreement beyond that.
  22. What happens if you are late or unable to fulfill part of the contract?
    In any circumstances in which I am late or only able to fulfill part of the contract agreement, I will discuss, assess and resolve such matters on a case by case basis to offset any loss for the client. The results would depend on the situation, and how much of the agreement could not be fulfilled to your satisfaction.
  23. What happens if I am not happy with the style of my photos?
    Please be sure to carefully look over my portfolio in advance as it is a representation of my brand and shooting style. This should help you determine rather my approach and body of work is fit for your needs. I also do encourage clients to share with me any preferences they have so that I can reflect those styles within the final product. However, In the unlikely event you are unhappy with the final results, I can discuss, assess and resolve such matters on a case by case basis.
  24. What steps have you taken to protect my images?
    The security and storage of your images is taken very seriously. Multiple copies all your original and edited images will be stored in 3 locations. The main computer and 2 external hard drives until at which time you have been sent your final images. Due to the need for space on the main computer drive, images can be archived after long periods in order to free up space. Rachael Mizzer Photography is not obligated to retain your files but so long as we have the space on external hard drives to do so, your images will be stored. It is recommended you also take the necessary steps once you receive your photos to back them up for safe keeping as well.
  25. Can you tell me why you think I should select you as my wedding photographer and what sets you apart from the rest?
    Choosing a wedding photographer is a very big decision. After the cake is eaten, the decorations are down and the guests are gone, the one thing you have left to last a lifetime is the images from your wedding day. Therefore, I never want to convince a client they have to go with me just to add another contract to my table. Our working relationship should come naturally, not forced. It is very important to me that we are a good fit for one another because that will only elevate the client experience from start to finish and produce the best results. That makes it a win-win for both of us. Feel free to reach out to me for a more personalized consultation so we can get to know each other even better.